Our technical staff has a collective 120 years of experience in performing a variety of I.T. services.

Buchertech has developed many solutions to help you manage your business's technology needs.

"To help you solve your IT challenges, we have turned to the leaders in our industry for products. Here are a few of the many vendors we work with to bring you quality solutions.”

News Post

Attention: Pay a ransom to get your data back!

Well we have all heard of viruses and spyware and spam, but how many of you are familiar with ransomware?

In the recent weeks we have have seen at least two businesses that were hit with attacks that rendered their computer useless. Well let me re-phrase that, it was worse than useless. The computer was fine but they lost all of their data!

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Effective May 4th we are located at 6 Michigan Ave, Valparaiso IN 46383. We have moved into the McMahan Center building just northwest of Round The Clock restaurant and will be operating out of Suite A, which is on the 2nd floor. There are several reasons that prompted the move including:

  • Room to grow
  • Significantly improved bandwidth
  • Increase in data center size, security, & environment

Since BucherTech's establishment in 2001, we have grown considerably and needed a larger location to sustain our current business operations. The move will allow us to greatly increase our internet speed and improve reliability with redundant vendors including both wired and wireless connections. The McMahan Center also provides much better physical security, giving us the space to custom build our own data center. We look forward to providing the same great service from a new great location! Stop in and say hello!

Click here for a photo of our new building!


"Kids Alive truly has an 'IT guy' in Bucher Technologies.

Justin and the rest of your team constantly show commitment to our organization with the care and consideration they use when addressing our issues. Our priorities are taken seriously and acted upon promptly thanks to Kathy's excellent coordination.

Our staff appreciates Justin's kind and helpful personality.

I'm still amazed that with all his different clients, he not only knows all of our server names and configurations, but also knows every one of our staff member's names-just like Larry before him."

      - Michael Bustos, Kids Alive KAI