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Buchertech has developed many solutions to help you manage your business's technology needs.

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Kermit was wrong!!!!!!!!!

Kermit the frog Sorry but Kermit was wrong!

We all know who I am talking about, as I just googled Kermit and the first page was full of links to topics about the famous green frog of the Muppets.

Now I am not saying the most famous frog of all never gets it right, but one of his most memorable quotes to me is, “It’s not easy being green”.

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Weekend & Holiday Support

BucherTech is proud to announce Weekend and Holiday Support!!!

As we strive to improve our services, Bucher Technologies is excited to provide off-hour service on weekend and holidays. This service is available 8am-5pm Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays. The number to dial for service is . If service is provided, it will be billed at one and a half times our normal rate.

For more information call our office at 219-465-4500 or email info@buchertech.com

World events remind us of the need for Disaster Protection!

From tornadoes to flooding to earthquakes, this year has reminded us all of the dangers of natural disasters.

Technology has become pervasive throughout our businesses. This helps us accomplish more tasks with less staff. However, if disaster struck would you be able to quickly put your business back together again?

Bucher Tech has developed Disaster Recovery plans for many businesses throughout the region. Each plan is customized to the level of detail that each business requires, from very basic to very detailed and sophisticated. Talk to our staff and see how even a simple plan can help put your mind at ease should a disaster occur!

For more information call our office at 219-465-4500 or email info@buchertech.com