Network Management

Our experts will custom design a computer network for your business whether you have two computers or 500. Once hardware and software are installed, you're not on your own. Our comprehensive service includes monitoring, checkups, upgrades and maintenance. Any data in your system can be accessed by anyone in your company at any time with the latest in mobile connectivity.
Systems Backup

"Remote Backup" (RBU) insures your data is safely encrypted, password protected and stored nightly on our Secure Server. In addition, we backup the backup! Technology isn't perfect and accidents happen. If there's a malfunction or disaster strikes, all data is easily restored to any server, at any location 24/7. Expensive investment in hard-drives and tapes is eliminated by low monthly rates.
Security Programs

BucherTech can provide network security to protect your business from unauthorized users and other intruders. You'll be able to run your daily operation without fear of "hackers," viruses or annoying "spam" email. You can keep employees focused on their jobs by filtering sites they visit and files they download. A secure computer network increases staff productivity in addition to protecting company privacy.
Electronic Document Management

EDM is the latest technology for organizing the workplace, controlling clutter, and freeing employees of these tiresome tasks. Our system is able to digitally capture, scan, store and distribute every document or file that crosses any desk, or desktop. That means everything is in one place - from snail-mail to annual reports to meeting notes. You decide who has access to which data, for instance, or allow multiple users to collaborate on documents simultaneously.