Data Backups

Your data must be backed up. This is not an option, this is a requirement for survival! According to the Washington DC research firm Clutch, 60% of small businesses that lose data will shut down within six months. Despite this, fifty eight (58) percent of businesses surveyed are not prepared for data loss.

At buchertech, we do NOT say one size fits all. Not all businesses need the same backup system. BUT, all businesses need a backup system!

While we can customize your backup system to your unique needs, we offer two types of data backup.

The first is our Remote Backup, or RBU. This is our legacy offsite backup system that we first offered in 2006. This system is simple and inexpensive, yet provides the client with a secure and managed solution. Your files are secure and located offsite at buchertech’s secure data center. We monitor the backup process and notify you if issues arise so the backup system remains reliable. This economical and secure solution provides:

  1. Files are backed up daily.
  2. Your data is stored in our data center on our secured offsite server.
  3. Your data is encrypted so no one can access and read it.

BC/DR to the rescue!

Buchertech first introduced our enhanced backup system in 2014. This solution, called Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery, or BCDR for short, provides you a greatly enhanced and secure backup system. How long could your business afford to be down after a server fail, fire, ransomware attack or natural disaster? Business Continuity provides a complete image of your data updated as often as every hour and can be copied to another server in hours, not days! Disaster Recovery provides that same image offsite in a secure location should your building experience a disaster.

  • Secure: The data is encrypted so no one but you can read the data
  • Offsite: The data is copied daily from your business to the secure server at our location in Valparaiso.
  • Daily verification: Buchertech daily verifies your data was backed up and if not reconciles the issue
  • No Capital investment: you pay for only the backup service
  • Test restores! Buchertech does periodic test restores to give you the peace of mind that your data backups are good.
  • Restore data anywhere, anytime: Your data is always available to be restored

Protects you from:

  • Hard disk crash or failure
  • Human error
  • Natural disaster
  • Viruses
  • Employees sabotage

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