Print Management

We offer two different ways to help you control printing and copying costs:

1 – Managed Print: Taking control of your printing/copying processes to “manage” your costs.

Here is the reality of printing and copying in many organizations:

  • Organizations allow individual departments to purchase/lease equipment as they deem best
  • As a result, many small and inexpensive devices are purchased, flying under expense analysis radars.
  • Unfortunately, inexpensive printers require expensive supplies!
  • Supplies are then also purchased by department.
  • These also fly under most purchasing department radars, as one cartridge isn’t expensive.
  • When the financials are analyzed, since these costs land under several different accounts, no one can identify what printing/copying really costs.

Managed Print offers a better way! Our PageConnect program from Xerox offers you:

  • Devices are purchased based on cost of use and not cost of device. As a result, the cost of printing is included in the cost analysis.
  • All printing costs are invoiced locally on ONE invoice, allowing the client to truly see what printing costs.
  • You only pay for the pages you print. You do not purchase supplies, you only are invoiced at the end of the month for each page printed. As a result, at the end of life of a device you are not stuck owning hundreds of dollar worth of supplies!

Don’t want to commit to a monthly service commitment on your devices. A second program from Xerox is eConcierge. This program allows you to purchase supplies via a special Xerox web portal, and provides you free warranty service for the life of the printer/copier.

Both of these programs provide you a way to better control your printing/copying costs.


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