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Buchertech knows that each of our clients has unique systems and needs. To provide a superior response time & service management, we utilize:

  • A state of the art professional services automation system, allowing us to document and manage all of your IT inventory, including laptops, desktops, servers, routers, switches, printers, etc. This system allows us to know what you have, how old it is, and to manage the maintenance and replacement of those assets.
  • We utilize another system that monitors your equipment so that we know when your systems are becoming problematic.
  • We employ a full time service coordinator who responds to all service requests and utilizes a ticketing system to coordinate our service effort.

Buchertech offers our services in the following ways:

Proactive Care: This approach provides a fixed fee for the maintenance, monitoring, & system/security updates that a network administrator would normally be responsible for, but is provided as a remote service thru a suite of software products to keep the costs in line for our clients. Reactive support & services such as responding to a failing component, configuration services, or end user support would be billed hourly.

Complete Care: Many of our clients prefer an approach that provides them a preset monthly fee that provides them:

  • All the monthly maintenance required.
  • Any service required to solve a problem that may arise during the month
  • Our VCIO services
  • Priority on service requests

This is our Complete Care. We use all of our tools to monitor and maintain your systems for one fixed price. Complete Care clients get priority response as they have formed a partnership with buchertech to completely manage their networks.

Both managed service options still incur expenses for new projects & service deployments (new software integrations, replacement or newly installed hardware/equipment plus the appropriate project deployment fees) and necessary manufacturer maintenance agreements for line of business applications or access to parts/updates etc. All of these incremental services are offered at a discount to these priority clients.

Note: We do still have clients that utilize hourly services, or pre-pay block for services in order to save on that hourly rate, either in conjunction with proactive care, or just call us when they need us. However, we are unable to provide these clients the same priority that we provide our managed clients. Also, we have found that taking a reactive approach with technology tends to end up costing clients more than being proactive does and causes more network down time and unplanned expenses for our clients, thus the creation of and recommendation to use either our Proactive or Complete Care services.

Buchertech provides a wide range of project management and installation services to meet your business needs. The Bucher team works closely with your business and any necessary contractors to coordinate projects and make sure they are done correctly, on budget and on time. Buchertech implements a range of projects for our clients including:

  • Server projects: installations and upgrades, virtualization, application migrations, and cloud or local servers
  • Network Infrastructure design and installation
  • Office 365 migrations
  • Life-cycle replacements
  • New office installations and relocations (computers, printers, servers, etc)
  • Site Survey for existing or potential offices
  • Security assessments, audits, & pen tests
  • Internal IT department assistance for rollouts, hardware and software upgrades and office relocations
  • Upgrades to existing WIFI or rollout of new WIFI systems
  • Buchertech offers solutions for electronic document management. This utilizes the power of managing your documents digitally instead of drowning in a sea of paper. The power of high speed scanners, sophisticated software, and the exponential improvement in storage capacity makes this possible.
  • Working remotely? Buchertech can help. We can design a system to allow remote connectivity that is SECURE!
  • Securing your important assets often requires being able to see them. Buchertech can implement a video surveillance system to allow you to see your important staff, assets, or facilities from your internal office or anywhere in the world via your smartphone!
  • Cabling upgrades or complete installations from the ground up
  • Installation of 4g connectivity throughout your facility
  • Replacing your old fax system via the phone lines with a digital fax system
  • Reviewing your options and locating the best value to improve bandwidth for your facility

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