Cut your phone bill in half?
While investing in new hardware and software can be an expensive proposition, an investment in a new phone system can actually save you money! This is done via the power of the internet. Many legacy systems still utilize land lines. While this is the only way phone systems were done in the 20th century, the internet has brought a new and better way to communicate. By utilizing the internet connection you already have, often we will see clients cut their phone bills in half, helping to pay for the new phone system.

Improve productivity via the latest in technology
Some will ask, why should I replace my phone system? First of all, not all systems need to be replaced. However, if yours is limiting your employees’ productivity, then it is time to evaluate. Some of the benefits of current systems include:

  • Network enabled phones – Voice mail to email
  • Easier to manage via your network
  • Web management of phone system
  • Automated attendant systems can make sure the right people get the right calls

Improve employee job satisfaction

  • Ability to go hands free at your desk
  • Ease of use of desk phone

Improve your ability to communicate

  • Ability to make calls via cell phone utilizing the power of VOIP phone system
  • The ability to answer your calls at your desk or via your cell phone.
  • Remote teleworker support

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